My name is Jess Cargill and I'm so glad you're here!

I'm a Perth-based artist, inspired by this beautiful country.

I care about creating a culture of faith, bravery and growth.

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As Brene Brown so beautifully puts it,

“Whole hearted living is about cultivating courage, compassion and connection…

I’m vunerable and also afraid but that doesn’t change the truth – that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.”


My goal is to help you create calm and inspiring spaces that foster a culture of acceptance and openness.  Spaces where people feel safe to share their heart.

I create abstract paintings that tell stories of growth, vulnerability, anxiety and trust in God.

My prayer is that with these paintings as a focal point in your space, you would be able to share your own stories with those you welcome in.

I often work with colours inspired by the ocean and nature because that’s where I find calm and find it easy to pray. 

 I have a tendency as a mum and a friend, to get weighed down - feeling like I'm carrying a lot emotionally.

When life gets overwhelming, the beach is my go-to.⠀⠀⠀⠀

I watch the waves, listen to the ocean, and pray.

God reminds me of His goodness, love and presence through the details of the natural world. The beautiful colours of the birds, brilliant blossoms and the expanse of the sea draw me to God and turn my heart to him.

My prayer is that you would be reminded of the places that draw you to God and give you peace. 

I pray that you would hear again the crashing of the waves and the words He has set in your heart.

I pray that you would be mindful of God’s voice in your life.


“Movement … not turbulent, some fast, some slower, cohesiveness, light, balance, cut glass, reflected light, tinkling sounds.”




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As Brooke Fraser puts it, “It’s been a loud year and I really need the quiet.” 

“The colours are stunning.  It’s like a large complexity of thought coming to a state of calm.”

I often paint with worship music playing because it allows me to worship and talk to God as I paint.  Often times, the paintings show this process from anxious first drops (and an anxious heart) through to a final piece filled with calm and a story (as God fills me heart with peace and His perspective).




It’s about More Art, Less Drama.

Each one of my artworks that has been sold has brought peace and joy to my collectors' lives.


As I have begun this journey, I have been acutely aware of how closely my daughters are watching me.

I want them to know that the world is their oyster too. ⠀

That they can do hard things - things they thought they couldn't. ⠀

I want to pave the way for them to be entrepreneurial too (if they choose).

I want to pave the way for them to chase their dreams.


“I see a mother bent over nursing her child.  But at the same time that child is reaching through her to the other side, something about us loving and nurturing our children and equipping them to move on through and out into the world – yet forever staying connected to their mother’s heart.”



You know as well as I do that caring for others and building a strong culture can be vunerable work.

We need to create calm spaces.

Safe spaces.

Places to build connection.

Places to share our heart.

Places to be brave.

Places where we can go beyond small talk and share what really matters to us.

Places for brave conversations.

Places we feel safe to rumble.


The power of art to set the scene cannot be underestimated.

Paintings set the scene. 

Stand-out pieces of beauty in your space create a focal point of calm.

The story and perspective of the piece can act as the springboard to share your story.

Inspiring beauty inspires creativity.

Since we’re getting to know each other, I have a little questionnaire I’d love you to answer. It’s really quick (2 minutes tops) but super helpful for me in serving you. You see, when you give me your insights about which parts of my work resonate most with you, I get to know you better, which helps me serve you better. As a thank you, I’ve created an EXCLUSIVE digital download of one on my personal favourites, just for those who complete the survey. You are welcome to use it as a home screen on your phone, a background on your laptop or print it yourself and put it in a frame. Its up to you! You'll receive this after submitting your answer.

Click here to answer - it'll take you less than 2 minutes, I promise!



It is my dream, that my art would bring peace to homes, offices, hotels and hospitals around the world.  Breathing fresh air and clarity into the space and reminding those who view it to trust God and seek His voice in their journey.


That's what makes art so special.

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I love that I can see all the details without my glasses. Normally, I have to just take in a painting as a whole but now I can see all the details I haven't seen in years.
Jess did a phenomenal job designing a custom piece for me. It's inspired by my favourite beach and it is so much better that I ever could've imagined. It's become a feature in my home and I find myself admiring it all the time. Her talent is obvious in her work and I can't wait to add to my collection.
I love this picture in my office. The blues and greens and yellows project a sense of peace and intent. I see a space ship exploring a universe, but the space ship is very safe. It has all the water and air and sunlight and gardens it needs to explore safely forever. That sense of always exploring and adventuring, but safely and securely, is very important for me as I work.
I see the mountains. Its the first thing we see after driving for 6 hours. Its a sign we're on holidays. My wife finds the view refreshing and intriguing.
You can see all the little imperfections of the painting when you get that close. And that's what makes it so amazing. You know it's real.
From early discussions through to completion, Jess was supportive, flexible and professional. We have an impressive piece that we can be inspired by and proud of.