You have a vision in your mind of what you want for your home.
But nothing you've seen so far is just the right size or shape for the space you have in mind.
I'd love to help you with that.
Need it bigger? 
That's easy.
Need something in an unusual shape?
No problem.
Have a colour that you adore?
Let's create a piece you can't live without.
If you love my style but need something in the colours or size for your space, let's chat.
I'd be excited to work with you to create something just for you.
Many of my paintings start with an inspiration point:
a place that recharges,
a plant that inspires,
the sky at a certain time of day,
the ocean near my home.
I'd love to turn your own inspiration point into a painting.
There are three main questions to consider:
1. Do you want a really detailed piece or something looser?
2.  What kind of size would you like your art to be?
3. Do you want your art to be exclusively yours, or are you happy for a limited number of reproductions to be made?
I hope you find the information below useful.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the contact form or just send me an email at
Get in touch, we can talk it through and create something just for you.

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