When you look at The Journey Collection you will notice what look like paths.

To me, these speak of a journey.

Life is a wonderful, adventure-filled journey, wouldn’t you agree?

And in that journey, I believe God’s hand is always with us and his voice is calling to us to trust Him and follow Him.

So how about you?

Do you hear God’s voice in your journey?

My journey has taken quite an unexpected turn into creativity and painting. And as I follow His lead, I also want to honour Him. 

That’s why a portion from the sale of each artwork in this Journey Collection will go to the work of Compassion Australia. So that mums and babies living in poverty can know God’s life-changing voice in their journey too.

Compassion is an organisation that's close to my heart.  I have been sponsoring children with Compassion since I was 15 and I love the work they do. 

Compassion partner with local churches in poor communities to share the love of Christ by providing food, medical care and education to children in need.

Compassion's Mums and Babies program aims to provide care and education to mothers and babies in their critical first year of life.

As a Mum, I remember how challenging that first year was.

How my heart stretched 100 times with love for my new baby girl.

How I felt so completely out of my depth in being responsible for this tiny person that depended on me for EVERYTHING.

How much my husband and I relied on the child care nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, other mums, my own mum and in laws to get us through and help us out. 

So when I heard about Compassion's Mums and Babies program, tears welled up in my eyes (as they always do when God tugs at my heart) and I knew this was something I wanted to get behind.

So when you choose a Limited Edition Print from the Journey Collection you can feel good about being a part of bringing hope to their journey. 

For each Limited Edition Print sold, I will donate 5% of the profits to the Mums and Babies fund through Compassion Australia.


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